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DataWorks Summit: Breaking Down Silos to Bring AI Use-Cases

Last week, I was able to attend DataWorks Summit in Washington, DC. I was greatly anticipating this event as it’s the first DataWorks to happen in the US since Cloudera’s merger with Hortonworks. The joining of these two companies was highlighted throughout – including key messaging around the company’s commitment to its open source Enterprise Data Cloud platform. The conference offered a dynamic range of sessions which focused on the core theme of bringing data from the edge of the business into next generation applications such as AI – the phrase “Edge to AI” featured prominently across the conference.

There were several keynotes that highlighted the new Cloudera including a presentation by Cloudera CMO, Mick Hollison. Mick started the conference by discussing Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Cloud in detail. Mick told the audience that, after speaking with customers, they found that there was need for a solution that could support public cloud, private cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployments and meet the requirements of a broad range of users. Additionally, Mick said that a key requirement for customers was that Cloudera offered a shared data experience (termed SDX by Cloudera) by establishing a common metadata experience to begin to break the silos needed to drive anything a customer might want to do with Cloudera.

The ability to break down data silos was an important theme that stood out throughout the DataWorks conference and many of the sessions had presenters who had created a shared data experience using Cloudera to improve a business process. Through breaking down the silos of data, Cloudera believes its customers will be able to fulfill use cases around business growth, connecting the business through IoT and protecting the business through compliance.

The importance of quality data as a foundation for the successful application of AI was another key theme. In her address to attendees, Hilary Mason, the GM of Machine Learning at Cloudera, stated “you cannot do AI without performing analytics and big data correctly”. Hilary went on to discuss how critical a clear process and strategy are in approaching data found within the enterprise to begin AI oriented tasks.

Connect CDC Real-time Data Replication

Syncsort’s own Ashwin Ramachandran carried through on both themes, when he presented how Syncsort’s newest product, Connect CDC, creates a solid base for new data-driven efforts. Ashwin showed attendees how Connect CDC breaks down silos by retrieving critical data off legacy systems to feed real-time business applications and analytics platforms that, in turn, could form the base of AI-driven use-cases.

I believe the themes of breaking down data silos and high-quality data will be increasingly important as enterprises look to leverage data for new AI-driven applications. The cornerstone off all these new applications will rely on how well enterprises establish the processes required to break down data silos and tap into the critical data that lives on legacy technologies. We look forward to continued partnership with Cloudera and our customers to address these critical capabilities for bridging existing technology and systems with next-generation platforms.

To learn more about Connect CDC and how it can help to provide your business with real-time insights, download the product sheet or watch our webcast, where we’ll introduce you to Connect CDC’s capabilities and discuss how you can use Connect CDC in a variety of use cases that help drive your business forward.

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