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New eBook! How to Build a Modern Data Architecture with Legacy Data

Harnessing your data is the key to staying competitive in today’s business landscape, but many organizations struggle to even access their data, especially legacy mainframe data, from which invaluable insights can be drawn. Syncsort’s eBook, “How to Build a Modern Data Architecture with Legacy Data,” explains the steps in creating a modern data architecture which includes any data source regardless of the data’s type, format, origin, or location.

Unlike newer companies, well-established ones may not have the benefit to access all of their data at once. They must integrate data from many separate sources, occasionally being unable to access certain types. As a result, these companies have a fragmented data architecture that doesn’t support their strategic goals.

Organizations are often at varying points of data-driven maturity. Some may be at the planning stage while others are implementing their strategies. There are also a multitude of potential challenges involved which can lead to some set backs. These can include:

  • Data access
  • Environmental complexity
  • Performance
  • Data quality
  • Multiple data types and formats
  • Data delays
  • Data strategy
  • Inadequate resources
  • Competitive pressures

The complexity of modern data architectures requires flexible tools that will work with all data sources and across multiple environments. Syncsort’s software makes connecting to any data sources, from traditional mainframes to the latest cloud platforms, simple.

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