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New White Paper! Real Time Legacy Data Use Cases

Syncsort has released a new white paper, “Real Time Legacy Data Use Cases.” Legacy data is the data that resides in long-standing systems, which are often foundational to the running of a business. For instance, a legacy system could be an IBM i, a mainframe, or even enterprise data warehouses and relational databases.

What is often misunderstood about this data is how it can, and should, be used in real time to power a business. The most advanced technologies and powerful use cases that organizations are investing in depend on legacy data coming from systems that may be decades old. Legacy data offers core transactional insights and key context to make sense of data from next-generation platforms.

This white paper explores why legacy data is frequently difficult to access in real time and describes use cases that illustrate how impactful legacy data can be when put to real time use. We cover customer experience, BI and analytics, transactions, and large datasets.

Real Time Legacy Data Use Cases

Blending legacy data and streaming newer data in real time fuels a broad range of digital initiatives, from customer experience to analytics and AI. Download the white paper and find out more today!

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