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Syncsort Product Families: Say Hello to Syncsort Assure

We continue our blog series on product families following the launch of Syncsort’s new product brand architecture announced in May. In our last blog post, we reviewed Syncsort Elevate. Today, we take a closer look at Syncsort Assure

Syncsort Assure is our collection of data availability and security software for IBM Power Systems to keep data secure and continuously available. Products in this portfolio include our industry-leading Assure Availability products for high availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR) that are trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide. It also includes Assure Security, a new product that brings together best-in-class IBM i security capabilities acquired by Syncsort into one complete solution that addresses all aspects of compliance monitoring, data privacy and system access control.   

Let’s dive into each of the products offered within the Syncsort Assure family..

Assure MIMIX

Assure MIMIX is a collection of full-featured high availability and discovery recovery products for IBM i that assure 24×7 application availability and protection from lost data. The Assure MIMIX family also includes data availability solutions that complement IBM PowerHA and IBM 7.4’s Db2 Mirror capability. Learn more about Assure MIMIX

Assure MIMIX for AIX

Assure MIMIX for AIX products protect IBM AIX servers from downtime and lost data with easy, automated solutions for high availability and disaster recovery. Learn more about Assure MIMIX for AIX

The Essential Layers of IBM i Security

Assure QuickEDD

Assure QuickEDD is a set of simple, scalable, full-featured high availability and disaster recovery products that protect critical IBM i applications from downtime and guard against data loss. The Assure QuickEDD family includes an HA add-on that anonymizes data prior to replication as well as a complementary solution for IBM PowerHA. Learn more about Assure QuickEDD

Assure iTERA

Assure iTERA offers small and medium-sized businesses the protection they need to keep running 24/7 without the risk of lost data. Learn more about Assure iTERA

Assure Security

Assure Security enables your organization to implement best-in-class security for IBM i systems and data and achieve compliance with cybersecurity regulations. It addresses the key aspects of security on every security officer or IBM i administrator’s mind, including controlling access to systems and data, enforcing data privacy, monitoring for compliance, and assessing security risks.

Assure Security is a complete all-in-one product specially designed to meet the unique needs of IBM i professionals. It’s available as one comprehensive product, or its core capabilities are offered separately and in bundles to meet specific needs. Learn more about Assure Security

Enforcive Enterprise Security Suite 

The Enforcive Enterprise Security Suite for IBM i provides comprehensive security, encryption and compliance management solutions for IBM i environments. The suite enables system administrators and security officers to manage security and compliance tasks efficiently and effectively – even managing multiple systems at a single time. Learn more about the Enforcive Security Suite

Managed Services

Syncsort also offers an array of managed services to support your HA/DR and security activities.

Syncsort’s Managed HA/DR Services provide a cost-effective way to outsource the daily monitoring, management and maintenance of your Syncsort high availability and disaster recovery solutions so your IBM i administrators can focus on other business priorities.

Syncsort’s Managed Security Services allow you to improve the security of your IBM i data and applications by outsourcing the monitoring, management and maintenance of your Syncsort security products to our security experts while freeing your internal resources to focus on other initiatives .

Download our White Paper on The Essential Layers of IBM i Security!

… and tune in next week when we review Syncsort Connect.

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