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Ironstream for ServiceNow®: Why This Integration Matters

Recently, Syncsort announced big news: it’s integrated Ironstream, its platform to provide operational intelligence, with ServiceNow®, a comprehensive service desk solution. Ironstream now supports advanced analytics in ServiceNow’s Discovery for an expanded view of enterprise infrastructure, on-premises and in the cloud.

Why is this important? This capability gives companies greater insights into their IT infrastructure – read on to learn more. 

Invisible Environments 

IBM z and IBM i systems are a crucial part of IT infrastructures at companies around the world. They contain crucial information. Yet, in spite of their critical role, ServiceNow can’t discover them by default.

Until now, companies had no way of creating a single system of record that included IBM z and IBM i assets. As a result, they lacked the visibility that could prevent costly, productivity-draining service outages.  

Ironstream for ServiceNow

Thanks to Ironstream for ServiceNow, the days of IBM z and IBM i environments being invisible are over. Ironstream extends ServiceNow’s abilities to discover mission-critical IBM z and IBM i environments.

Now, organizations can build and maintain a current inventory of all configuration items (CIs) in these traditional systems. Users can easily view their CIs and the relationships between them so that they can effectively model services and analyze service impact.

“Organizations can build and maintain a current inventory of all CIs in these traditional systems”

Aside from the benefit of greater visibility overall, Ironstream for ServiceNow allows you to automatically record changes to IBM environments and updates to ServiceNow. That automation saves you time and effort. Moreover, manual processes are rife with errors – if you make a mistake, you’ll have to get it sorted out by IBM systems experts, which is an expensive proposition.

Do You Have Blind Spots in Your ServiceNow Environment - watch

How Does Ironstream for ServiceNow Work? 

Ironstream works with ServiceNow Discovery to visualize and understand IBM z and IBM i CIs. It then builds an inventory of physical and logical entities, as well as the relationships between them. 

Once that information is available, Ironstream automatically populates it within the ServiceNow CMDB. You then have an accurate model of your IT environment. 

“Ironstream and ServiceNow Discovery work together to create an accurate model of your IT environment”

One of the advantages that mainframe data management offers is that it has a very small footprint. It won’t consume many system resources, so you don’t have to worry about it slowing things down. Moreover, the discovery process is flexible. You can even set specific auto-discovery parameters based on your unique business needs. 

When you implement Ironstream for ServiceNow, you’ll be able to find things such as completed jobs, memory, LPAR, and CPU for both IBM z and IBM i systems. Those tasks would have been previously unthinkable before the Ironstream for ServiceNow.

“Finding items in IBM z and IBM i systems would have been unthinkable before this integration”

When mission-critical information is stored in hidden databases, companies waste time and money. Mainframe data management, such as that offered by Ironstream for ServiceNow, makes that a thing of the past.

Learn out more about Ironstream for ServiceNow and watch for on-demand webcast!

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