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Elevate Capacity Management: Understand today’s capacity and plan for tomorrow’s needs

Some of the world’s leading organizations have relied on Syncsort’s capacity management solution for years. Last week, we released the newest version of Elevate Capacity Management. The latest version of this product comes with significant enhancements to data management, reporting and capture packs. 

How Elevate Capacity Management can benefit your organization

Elevate Capacity Management enables organizations to take a proactive approach to implementing effective capacity management across the entire enterprise. It identifies both over- and under-utilized resources, whether on-premises or in the cloud, to provide a 360°view into your IT services and infrastructure. This helps to both lower costs and minimize risk. 

With Elevate Capacity Management, organizations can replace labor-intensive spreadsheets and error prone manual processes with an easy-to-use, automated capacity planning solution.

A look at what’s new in our latest version

The newest release of Elevate Capacity Management (v11.20) has many significant enhancements designed to make capacity management more powerful and easier to use.

Data Management Improvements

We have introduced several new features that make data management and data ingestion easier and more flexible.  Additionally, we significantly improved performance for large-scale data ingestion enabling Elevate Capacity Management to handle the reporting and capacity planning needs of even the largest enterprise environments. 

With its flexible new Metrics as Thresholds capability, you can select and use it for exception reporting.  This allows you to customize alerting for the issues and exceptions you are most concerned with monitoring. 

Our Data Summarizer provides a much-improved ability to aggregate and delete data in the Capacity Database (CDB) to keep up with the large and growing amount of data that is stored over time. 

Finally, a new z/OS Gatekeeper function ensures the integrity of the collection of data from z/OS.  The gatekeeper detects any gap in data collection coming from the mainframe and allows the user to choose to re-collect the data or accept the gaps and allow the collection to continue.  This capability is becoming an important element of many compliance and regulation requirements.

Introducing Elevate Capacity Management


This release also includes several new enhancements to Elevate Capacity Management’s reporting capabilities.  We improved performance on report production.  Also, we have increased data volume limits to handle the growing amounts of data customers are bringing into Elevate Capacity Management. 

Another feature of note is the new z/OS Job Grouping which provides a more flexible and robust reporting option for z/OS jobs. 

New Capture Packs

One of the unique strengths of Elevate Capacity Management is its ability to easily integrate data from other applications and sources.  It leverages Capture Packs to ingest time-series data from these sources.  Significant enhancements were made to Capture Packs in the latest release. 

For customers using HPE 3PAR storage environments, Elevate Capacity Management’s new Capture Pack can extract capacity and performance information about their storage environment.  Also, customers using Amazon Web Services Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2), the enhanced Capture Pack offers improved security access and supports multi-regions and accounts.

To learn more about how Elevate Capacity Management can help your organization, watch our upcoming webinar.

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