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New eBook! Data Quality in Microsoft Dynamics 365: Three Steps for Success

More and more organizations are looking to enhance customer engagement and derive intelligent insights around their customers beyond traditional CRM. Syncsort has released an eBook, Data Quality in Microsoft Dynamics 365: Three Steps for Success, to help outline a strategy to clean up the data in your CRM.

Improving the quality of your customer experiences requires improving the quality of your CRM data. To ensure continuously high levels of data quality within your CRM, it is essential to put your customer data quality processing on an equal footing with the CRM system itself – and a great way to do this is to embed data quality functionality directly within your CRM.

This eBook explores the best practices that organizations need to implement in order to achieve and maintain high quality data. It also covers how poor CRM data quality happens in the first place and why it’s a constant, ongoing problem.

You’ll learn:

  • How to ensure that your CRM data is high quality
  • How to keep your CRM data quality fresh
  • How CRM data quality impacts other enterprise applications
Data Quality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Three Steps for Success

Download the eBook today!

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