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New eBook! Maximizing the Value of IBM’s New IBM Z Pricing Model

IBM recently announced a new pricing model for IBM Z software charges for their mainframe customers. Tailored Fit Pricing is a new, flexible software pricing model that promises to simplify the existing pricing landscape. Syncsort’s eBook, “Maximizing the Value of IBM’s New IBM Z Pricing Model,” will help readers gain a better understanding of this new system.

The motivation behind the new pricing model had a lot to do with the challenges around the R4HA pricing model that has been in place since 1999. The objective of the new pricing model is to simplify the billing process for customers and make it more predictable and easier to understand.

Under this new pricing model, there are two different options: consumption based and capacity based:

  • The Enterprise Consumption Model is pay-as-you-go with the idea that the costs are directly tied to how much you are using your machine.
  • The Enterprise Capacity Model is simple and is based on the capacity of the machine. Essentially, you pay for the full capacity of the mainframe.
IBM Z Pricing Model

This eBook goes more into depth of both options with the new pricing model as well as how Syncsort Elevate can offer even more benefit to your organization. Download the eBook today!

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