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New eBook! Managing the Challenges of Infrastructure Sprawl

Syncsort has released a new eBook titled, “Managing the Challenges of Infrastructure Sprawl,” which is available for download. As an organization grows and evolves over time, managing the computing assets and resources can become time consuming and costly. The phrase “Infrastructure Sprawl” has commonly been applied to the growth and challenges that companies face with managing their IT infrastructure effectively.

If you find your company challenged with infrastructure sprawl, don’t lose heart – you are not alone. You are just one of many companies that took advantage of the technology advancements like virtualization and the cloud.

For many organizations, finding ways to re-purpose excess capacity is a challenge. They have many resources out there, but they don’t know who’s using those resources or what they are being used for. While it can be difficult to step away from the day-to-day challenges you are already managing, addressing the infrastructure sprawl challenge can provide real benefits for your organization.

A couple of the benefits include:

Expense Optimization: You want to provision the right amount of resources and not over-spend. The proper sizing of your environment will ensure that you’re spending your IT dollars wisely.

Risk Avoidance: Increased risk with infrastructure sprawl range from system outages to security breaches from unprotected data assets. Effective virtual server and cloud management improves your data security by reducing the number of vulnerabilities. Enforcing standards for virtual and cloud server configurations can help prevent breaches as well.

Take the time to understand your environment and business objectives, make a plan that works for your organization and take control of your infrastructure.

Download the eBook today!

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