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Data Fuels the Future at Strata NYC

For the seventh year in a row, Strata Data Conference came to New York City. The conference focused on the best practices needed for building a data infrastructure for next-generation technologies. This year’s keynotes and sessions featured experts across a wide variety of industries all converging on the core themes of how big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) impact the business.

Ask the Right Questions for Your ML and AI Projects

Throughout the conference speakers and attendees shared how leveraging ML, AI, and big data was impacting their organizations. Two keynotes that stood out covered the importance of asking the right questions to ensure success for data-driven projects. Gro Intelligence CEO Sarah Menker and Co-Founder and CTO Nemo Semret outlined how 650 trillion global agricultural data points are helping them build predictive models to determine the future food supply. The duo shared how simply putting data into a “black box” model was not enough. Instead, data scientists and technologists must focus on the process of determining other impacts on the data to get the best result. Menker and Semret shared that when determining the future global pork supply, they had to not only ask the question, “will there be pork in X years?” but also develop models around geopolitical politics, soybean crop outlook (farm pigs’ main food source), and natural disasters.

Taking a customer experience (CX) approach to her keynote, Swatee Singh, VP of Big Data Platforms for American Express, discussed how AI and ML were helping Amex improve the experiences of their customers in real time. Singh shared that asking the right questions about how big data can inform the customer journey was key to AMEX having a competitive advantage and building a successful AI-driven CX.

Both sessions provided excellent insight into the ways that asking the right questions related to the goals of AI and ML projects can greatly improve the outcome for those on the receiving end of the data or user experience.

Cloudera Data Platform Launches

There was excitement around more than just the applications of AI and ML at the conference. On the second day of Strata, Cloudera announced the launch of its Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). CDP is an open source integrated data platform that offers secure self-service analytics across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. In addition to CDP, Cloudera also launched three new services: Cloudera Data Warehouse, Cloudera Machine Learning, and Cloudera Data Hub. CDP and these new services offer businesses a platform for data that will fuel big data, AI and ML efforts.

The New Rules for Your Data Landscape

Foundations of DI and DQ Key to Future Success 

Throughout the week, another theme underpinned the conference. So much so that it was mentioned by every presenter. That theme was the importance of a solid data integration and data quality foundation to the success of any AI, ML, and big data initiative. During his keynote, Robert Thomas of IBM stated that attendees needed to think about AI as a ladder, with data integration and data quality being its’ first step. Many presenters stressed the need to unlock data from all sources in the organization and making sure data went through quality checks before being used in projects.

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