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Breaking Down Silos with Ironstream for ServiceNow®

ServiceNow® is a recognized technology leader, transforming the impact, speed and delivery of IT services by breaking down information silos and providing IT visibility across the enterprise. But two silos were still standing firm, until very recently.

IBM has reported that more than 2.5 billion business transactions run on its mainframes each day and over 100,000 companies use IBM i technology to run their business. Yet, these critical systems have been disconnected from the ServiceNow platform – leaving a significant blind spot in the enterprise-wide view of IT infrastructure.

Earlier this year, Syncsort created a significant foundation to bridge these technologies with the announcement of Syncsort Ironstream integration with ServiceNow® Discovery. This was an important first step towards including traditional IBM systems in ServiceNow because it enabled the auto-population of the ServiceNow® Configuration Management Database (CMDB) with configuration items from the IBM mainframe and IBM i systems. The CMDB is the single system of record for infrastructure and service data, as well as important relationship views, that is used across all applications and processes on the cloud-based Now Platform™.

Yesterday, we announced a significant expansion of Syncsort Ironstream’s ServiceNow integration with support for ServiceNow® Event Management. This advancement will help ServiceNow users with mainframes and IBM i systems in their infrastructure to improve business service availability by proactively eliminating service outages and quickly resolving critical issues across the enterprise. This is particularly critical when business services are expected to be “always on” and siloed systems, disconnected monitoring tools and manuals processes put organizations at risk. If you’d like to learn more about making IBM mainframe and IBM i systems data available in the ServiceNow platform, view our recent webcast, Introducing Ironstream Support for ServiceNow® Event Management

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