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Controlling Mainframe Costs in 2020

Today’s corporate IT departments are being challenged to do more with less, or at least more without increasing their costs. Mainframes, in particular, are expected to continue supporting legacy applications while adding new, modern workloads such as analytics, blockchain, web, mobile, machine learning and AI.

That unrelenting pressure to do more with what you have will only increase in 2020. That’s why it’s more important than ever to take full advantage of the innovative tools that are now available to help you keep your mainframe costs under control.

For example, by combining IBM’s new mainframe pricing model with Syncsort’s Elevate ZPSaver, you can free up significant amounts of processing capacity that can be devoted to new workloads without substantially increasing costs.

IBM’s Tailored Fit Pricing Model

With its recent introduction of Tailored Fit Pricing, IBM is retiring its familiar Rolling 4-Hour Average (R4HA) pricing model. Under R4HA, customers had to essentially micromanage when and where various workloads ran to avoid hitting consumption peaks that would drive up monthly license charge (MLC) costs.

The new IBM pricing scheme eliminates much of that operational complexity while making the monthly billing process more transparent and predictable. It consists of two options, one consumption-based, and the other capacity based.

The Enterprise Consumption Model establishes a monthly cost baseline based on the previous 12 months’ MSU (million service units) usage divided by 12. (MSU is a measure of the amount of processing work a computer can accomplish in one hour.) This model will be the best option for most companies.

In contrast, under the Enterprise Capacity Model, you pay a fixed monthly cost based on the total capacity of your mainframe.

With either model, seasonal or unexpected processing spikes will no longer result in dramatically higher MLC costs as they could under R4HA.

Maximizing-the-Value-of-IBM’s-New-IBM-Z-Pricing-Model-banner, Elevate ZPSaver

How Elevate ZPSaver Works With Tailored Fit Pricing to Lower Your Costs

Some of the largest consumers of mainframe processing power are operations involving sorting and copying. Elevate ZPSaver offloads much of that processing from the CPU to zIIP hardware engines. By using Elevate ZPSaver in conjunction with Elevate MFSort, which leverages features of z/OS to reduce elapsed time for software sorts, customers gain a high-performance sort, copy and join utility that can reduce the CPU overhead incurred by such operations by as much as 90% while reducing elapsed processing time by up to 40%. 

That allows a substantially reduced monthly MSU baseline for companies using the Enterprise Consumption Model. And those using the Enterprise Capacity Model can free up additional processing power without increasing their capacity baseline.

Person pointing to a dial labeled ROI.

Elevate ZPSaver ROI Calculator

Just how much can you save by using Elevate ZPSaver? To help you make that determination, Syncsort provides, free of charge, a sophisticated return on investment calculator. This tool makes use of the fact that every z/OS sort operation generates an SMF record which can be analyzed to determine the ROI you’ll realize in your own production environment by employing ZPSaver.

You can make use of this service in either of two ways. To have Syncsort perform the entire analysis for you, just capture SMF records from your production environment and send them to Syncsort for analysis. Or, if security or other considerations prevent you from sending such data offsite, Syncsort will send you the tool, along with instructions for its use. You can then send the tool’s output (which does not include any of your private information) to Syncsort for analysis.

What Can ZPSaver Do For You?

One customer, a major global telecommunications company, found that ZPSaver provided a reduction in overall CPU usage of 72.4%, allowing them to avoid a processor upgrade. Could your company realize similar benefits? To find out, please request a free ROI assessment. We’ll be happy to assist you.

To go more into depth with IBM’s new pricing model and to see what Syncsort Elevate can offer your organization, download our eBook!

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