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Elevate ZPSaver 101: What It Is and Why It’s Beneficial

Mainframes remain the workhorses of the corporate IT world. As new applications appear, mainframes are constantly being tasked with additional workloads. But mainframes also represent a major cost center, and if your company is like most, you are interested in finding ways of getting more out of your mainframes while holding costs in line. That’s exactly what Syncsort’s Elevate ZPSaver is designed to do. Here’s how.

CPU Utilization Drives Costs

Under the new Tailored Fit Pricing model that IBM recently introduced, your monthly software licensing costs are calculated based either on your mainframe’s average CPU utilization over the past twelve months or (at your discretion) on the total processing capacity of the machine. 

The key to mainframe cost control is to either minimize your CPU usage for the workloads that you run or to run additional workloads without having to increase CPU processing capacity. Both of those goals can be achieved by offloading some of the work your CPU is performing to auxiliary processors such as IBM’s zIIP engine.

There are two major benefits to using zIIP. First, when processing is offloaded from the CPU, it frees up your mainframe to handle additional workloads without having to upgrade your hardware. Second, there are no software utilization charges for work performed by the zIIP processor. Therefore, every CPU cycle that can be transferred to zIIP reduces your costs. Making that happen as painlessly and cost-effectively as possible is what Syncsort’s Elevate ZPSaver is designed to do.

How Elevate ZPSaver Helps Minimize Mainframe Costs

Some of the most frequently used functions in a typical data processing workload are those that involve sorting, copying, and compression. Elevate ZPSaver is a software utility that allows such tasks to be automatically and transparently offloaded to zIIP. 

Working in conjunction with Elevate MFSort, an application that uses features of the operating system to optimize such operations in software, Elevate ZPSaver automatically and transparently offloads as much as 90% of sort, copy, and SMS compression CPU cycles to zIIP. Not only does this reduce CPU utilization, but it can also slash elapsed time for these operations by up to 40%.

Business Benefits of Elevate ZPSaver

Rather than diminishing over time, as many pundits predicted they would, mainframe workloads are continuing to grow as new tasks, such as social media and internet of things applications are added. 

Yet IT budgets are not keeping pace. The result is that mainframes are being asked to do more work without increasing costs. By shifting some workloads from the mainframe CPU to zIIP, that’s exactly what Elevate ZPSaver can help you do.

Elevate ZPSaver has allowed many companies to realize savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars in monthly software licensing charges by permitting them to reduce the number of CPU cycles required to run their current workloads. 

Others, by using Elevate ZPSaver to free up large amounts of mainframe processing capacity to accommodate their workload growth, have been able to delay or even forego expensive CPU upgrades while maintaining or increasing their IT service level commitments.

Elevate ZPSaver accomplishes all this without adding any significant processing overhead of its own. Plus, because it works transparently with existing or legacy JCL, there is no requirement for staff members to have any special mainframe expertise.

If you’d like to explore how your company can significantly lower your mainframe costs, please request a demo of Elevate ZPSaver.

Also make sure to check out our eBook and learn how Syncsort Elevate can help improve on the benefits of IBM zIIP devices.

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