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Podcast: Moving Data from Legacy to Next-Gen Platforms

Cory Minton, host of the Big Data Beard podcast, had a conversation with Syncsort’s David Hodgson and David Normandeau. They discussed use cases and data types involved with the Ironstream for Splunk® product.

Focus on Data management

The mainframe is alive and well and is still being used across many industries. Syncsort is a specialist in moving data from legacy to next generation platforms and their mainframe business has still been growing because of this. In the past, the strategy was focused on Big Iron to Big Data but today it’s branched out to include all of their other product lines.

The integration between Splunk® and Syncsort

To put it simply, customers wanted to get their mainframe data forwarded to Splunk. Syncsort built Ironstream for Splunk® for those initial customers and it’s expanded ever since

Mainframe Workloads

Nobody wants to increase the mainframe workloads. The mainframe issues a ton of log data. Customers want the data but they don’t want to incur the costs included with the expanded workload. Mainframe costs are driven by processing power. In theory, if you can manage processing effectively over a 24 hour period you can bring your costs down. Syncsort has some customers that have leveraged Ironstream for Splunk® to monitor their usage and drive down their costs.

Ironstream for Splunk®

Mainframe Security

Mainframes have built in security applications but with Ironstream for Splunk®, security log data can be pulled from the mainframe directly to Splunk. This also relates to the democratization of data. Business users may want to see what services that they’re paying for and Ironstream for Splunk® can get the data from the mainframe into Splunk for visibility of those authorized users.

Adoption of Ironstream for Splunk®

Originally it was focused in financial services but then, as it grew, Syncsort started seeing more customers in telecommunications, retailers, and federal agencies. IBM i usage has really expanded as well for smaller enterprises.

Ironstream for Splunk® is directly licensed from Syncsort. Pricing is typically focused on data volume but can also be based on LPAR’s. Ironstream for Splunk® can also be found within Splunk products such as Splunk® Enterprise Security and Splunk® IT Service Intelligence.

If you’d like to know more about how Ironstream can help you significantly improve IT operations in your agency, watch this 20 minute demo.

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