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Investing in AIOps? Don’t Forget the CMDB!

By 2023, Gartner predicts 30 percent of large enterprises will use applied AI for IT operations. Applied machine learning for IT operations, or AIOps, can transform enterprise IT. Populating the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) with real-time operations data drives success in AIOps investments. 

The Value of Proactive IT Ops Management

Eighty-one percent of enterprises report a positive return on investment (ROI) from AIOps, according to Moogsoft. The same study found 41 percent have experienced “dramatically” positive returns. 

AIOps can automate performance by analyzing big data — log files and performance monitoring. Real-time analytics creates a proactive capacity for:

  • Availability
  • Performance 
  • Event Correlation
  • Event Analysis
  • IT service management
  • IT service automation

Mature AIOps is possible with a centralized view of events, and dependencies. 

Creating a Complete Picture of IT Operations

The IT ecosystem is becoming more complex and dynamic.

It’s more challenging than ever to gain a complete picture of IT operations. This is due to the expanding perimeter of infrastructure. 

The CMDB is at the heart of AIOps and other modern efforts to automate IT operations. The CMDB can collect real-time IT operations data in the most complex environments.

Applied AI is only effective when it has complete access to real-time, quality data. Fast, available, and centralized operational data can unlock predictive analytics. A CMDB can enable AIOps by:

  • Collecting fast-moving streams of operations data at scale
  • Transforming multi-sourced data into a single, actionable format
  • Facilitating an understanding of resource relationships and dependencies  

Populating the CMDB in real-time supports sophisticated AIOps use cases. For example, a complete picture of event relationships supports root cause analysis. The CMDB can support real-time data visualization and dashboards for data-driven decisions. 

Investing in AIOps?  Don't Forget the CMDB!

Best Practices for Automation and Orchestration

It’s still possible to achieve some value from AIOps investments without a mature CMDB or any CMDB at all. However, the ServiceNow® CMDB is a best practice for AIOps and other mature operations initiatives. ServiceNow automates the discovery of computing resources and relationships across the IT ecosystem and populates real-time resource and dependency data in the CMDB for AIOps. 

Syncsort Ironstream extends ServiceNow Discovery capabilities to the IBM mainframe and IBM I. With Ironstream, the CMDB is a truly complete picture of IT infrastructure. This provides a real-time, contextually rich source of data for AIOps. IronStream and ServiceNow can drive sophisticated AIOps use cases, such as filtering events and risks.

To learn more about how Syncsort support for ServiceNow can help populate the CMDB and keep it up-to-date, download our eBook!

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