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New Webinar! What’s New in Connect CDC

Syncsort has released a webinar, What’s New in Connect CDC, which is now available for download on-demand.

Connect CDC Now Offers IMS Support

We are now able to use logs to perform highly scalable change detection and then apply those changes to a variety of systems. It can also apply data asynchronously and allow you to support IMS data sharing across multiple environments.

Real-Time VSAM Replication

VSAM data continues to be a treasure trove of critical data on the mainframe – a platform whose staying power can’t be denied. Similar to IMS functionality, Connect CDC can replicate VSAM data in real-time. This means it can share data to distributed targets such as Kafka, all in real-time.

Syncsort’s Connect CDC helps organizations like yours become more data-driven by integrating existing investments with next-generation technologies. To meet ever-evolving customer demands and expand Connect CDC’s support for moving data to the latest platforms, it is continually enhanced.

View this webinar on-demand to learn how the latest enhancements to Connect CDC can help you meet the data-driven goals in your organization. You will learn about:

  • New support for secure real-time IMS data integration into downstream applications with Connect CDC
  • New capabilities for VSAM real-time data replication
  • How one financial services organization built an enterprise-wide analytics service using Connect CDC’s new features to unify IMS, VSAM and other data sources into a single data stream
Connect CDC

Download the webinar on demand!

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