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New eBook! Top Use Cases for IBM i Data in Splunk: IT Operations Analytics

Syncsort has released a new eBook, Top Use Cases for IBM i Data in Splunk: IT Operations Analytics, which is now available for download.

Today’s computing environments are a complex arrangement of many hardware components and several software layers, and it is vital that each of these parts functions to the best of its ability. In the case of customer-facing systems, the failure of one element can impact hundreds, thousands or even millions of users.

With today’s powerful IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) platforms, we are able to unlock the value that has been hidden in the detailed logs that are generated by enterprise systems. However, as with most technology solutions, the devil is in the details.

Spunk offers a powerful solution for organizations needing to comply with industry and government regulations. However, Splunk does not natively collect essential security and compliance data from the IBM i platform, leaving a significant blind spot and vulnerability. That’s where Syncsort Ironstream comes in.

Ironstream seamlessly feeds IBM i logs to Splunk, ensuring that critical machine data for the entire IT landscape is available in a single tool. Splunk turns mountains of incomprehensible data into visual insights.

Together, Ironstream and Splunk help organizations achieve satisfactory security and compliance audits, and provide security event tracking, real-time monitoring of security events, automated reporting, and complete visibility into the health and security of all systems in the enterprise.

Download the eBook today!

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