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New eBook! Top Use Cases for IBM i Data in Splunk: Security

Syncsort has released a new eBook, Top Use Cases for IBM i Data in Splunk: Security, which is now available for download. In part 1 of our 3-part series on the top use cases for including IBM i data in Splunk, we explore why in order to get the true enterprise-wide security view your business requires, and the full return on your investment in Splunk, you must include the IBM i.

Understanding potential security threats and preventing security breaches has become paramount to just about every IT organization. The reputation and financial damage caused by a security breach can be crippling to an organization, and compliance initiatives further increase the burden put on most organizations to get a better handle on security.

While IBM i systems are generally more secure than some other operating platforms, stricter security practices are required to address today’s compliance needs, as well as to ensure peace of mind.

Many organizations put Splunk at the center of their security ecosystem. It gives teams the insight to quickly detect and respond to internal and external attacks, simplifying threat management and minimizing risk. However, Splunk does not have native connectivity to IBM i systems, so it’s often left out of the analysis, creating a risky security blind spot.

Ironstream for Splunk helps overcome this challenge by forwarding key security indicators and events from across the different logging facilities within IBM systems to Splunk, where it can be integrated with information from other open-systems platforms.

New eBook! Top Use Cases for IBM i Data in Splunk - Security

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