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New eBook! Data Strategies for Accelerating the ROI of Analytics

Syncsort has released a new eBook, Data Strategies for Accelerating the ROI of Analytics, which is now available for download.

Many businesses today are expanding their analytics programs because they know that analytics is an established way to achieve important business goals, such as revenue lift, increased competitiveness, customer retention, customer account growth, new product development, operational efficiency, and cost containment.

To get the greatest return on investment (ROI) from each new analytics initiative or implementation, these same organizations are also extending the data integration infrastructure that provides data for analytics. After all, the old adage “garbage in, garbage out” still applies, even with modern analytics.

The outcome and effectiveness of any analytics application will be influenced by the volume, breadth, sources, models, quality, and semantics of the data provisioned for it. Furthermore, data requirements for analytics vary across the many forms of analytics.

This TDWI Checklist Report will drill into the kinds of data strategies that raise the business value of analytics, from reporting to machine learning. The Checklist will also touch on the data technologies and data-driven user best practices that contribute to effective data strategies and high-value analytics.

Download the eBook today!

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